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LCU Washington

What is LCU Washington?

Imagine waking up, getting ready for work, drinking your morning coffee, stepping onto the Metro, walking up the stairs to your office ….and arriving at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

 With LCU Washington, It’s possible.

 LCU Washington allows students to complete semester internships while staying on schedule for graduation. Through a unique combination of guided study, internship reporting, and seminars, students receive 12-15 hours of credit in the semester program, and 6-9 credit hours in the summer program.

Click on the links below to read testimonials of students who have completed the program.

Karson Nance

Diana Eid

Lauren Sell

LCU Washington is also proud to announce that on October 7th, 2013, LCU was recognized as Private University of the Year as part of the 2013 Academic Affairs Awards from the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars. LCU was selected from over 450 universities across the nation. To view pictures of the event click on the link below.

Washington Gala 2013

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